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Commercial Property Terms

Below you will find a useful list of explanations regarding some of the different commercial real estate types.

Office Property

Offices cover many different types of buildings used primarily as workers spaces. They may have single tenants or multiple tenants, depending on the property, and often have special building features required for businesses to operate efficiently.

Retail Property

Retail encompasses smaller community and strip centers, as well as larger power centers and mall outlets. Just about any place where consumers commonly go to spend money on daily goods and services takes place in a retail setting, so it often mirrors the nation’s economy in its growth and development.

Industrial Property

Industrial types include warehouses, manufacturing facilities, research & development areas, and package distribution centers. These properties are often built to receive large deliveries easily (as from a semi or a rail car) and also conduct very industry-specific tasks inside the buildings. With build-to-suit, single tenant industrial properties, risk coincides to some degree with the success of the tenant’s business operations.


Also known as multi-family properties, most people recognize these structures as apartments. Built to accommodate multiple tenants, this building type can vary in size, style, and (obviously) pricing. Both garden apartments and mid-rise apartments are popular apartment types in Lexington, KY.

Development Sites

A development site is an open-ended commercial real estate term because the property is basically still a clean slate. Depending on the zoning, any of a number of different types of buildings may some day occupy the space. In the meantime, this has more to do with location and potential, especially with sites not yet approved for commercial purposes.


We all have a certain amount of experience with hotels. In downtown Lexington, there are several major full service hotel types, whereas, in Lexington’s more suburban areas, you often see more extended stay and limited service hotel types. All three fall under the hotel commercial real estate type.


Lexington offers a variety of general land opportunities. More than just the development of posters and green space, land also refers to Lexington’s vast infill opportunities, including previously developed properties anywhere from downtown to Lexington’s farthest suburbs.